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MATfluids is an open source library for processing fluid flow data, be it from experimental acquisition or numerical simulation. The package is consistently updated to go beyond a classical analysis (i.e. vorticity, strain rate, particle advection, etc.) and include modern and powerful techniques in the field such as proper orthogonal decomposition, dynamic mode decomposition and the finite-time Lyapunov exponent (more to come). Currently, MATfluids is compatible with MATLAB and mostly compatible with Octave. The same library will soon be released in C and FORTRAN.


While the library is still in its development stage, it has been used extensively by myself throughout my dissertation as well as by several of my colleagues in their research projects. At the moment, while a comprehensive manual is still in the process, each code comes with sufficient information on how it should be used and cites the appropriate references.

  • Download the MATfluids library for MATLAB and Octave:

  • Download the MATfluids Theory Manual:

Coming Soon
  • Visit the MATfluids GitHub repository for more information:

  • Have questions/comments? Please contact me:

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