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Giuseppe Di Labbio has a tremendous passion for research, teaching and learning. He is principally fond of pure and applied fluid dynamics and has built a high level of expertise in experiment design and control, particle image velocimetry, numerical methods in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and advanced pre- and post-processing techniques for fluid flow data. Many of these modern and classical processing techniques have been coded and combined in the MATfluids open source library. You can find his lecture notes here and links to his publications and proceedings here. A full CV is available for download below as well as several links to common academic media profiles.



12.20.2018 – There is important fluid dynamics happening inside you every moment of every day, esp inside your heart

My Gallery of Fluid Motion entry for the 2018 APS DFD was tweeted and posted on FY! Fluid Dynamics by Nicole Sharp!

12.04.2018 – Prize-winning PhD candidates examine Fascist cinema in Ethiopia and heart valve diseases

A Stand-Out Graduate Research Award for me and Giuseppe Fidotta!

05.15.2017 Wouldn't it be cool to build a heart simulator?

Congratulations to the 2016-17 capstone team for their excellent work!


12.08.2016 Holiday book list: 19 great reads

See my suggestion for a great book to read over the holidays!

10.18.2016 Meet Concordia's 2 new Vanier scholars

A Vanier scholarship for me and Mona Taghavi!

09.26.2016 Intellectual exchange: Concordia offers up to $5,000 for student-led projects

Congratulations to the MIE Graduate Student Committee and Prof. Dolatabadi! We inspired a fund for student-led projects to bring the graduate community together.

04.30.2014 Faculty Accolades, May 2014

Our complete heart simulator won second prize in the MIE Department's Capstone Design Awards!


Pathological Left Ventricular Flows

The left ventricle is the heart's powerhouse, responsible for pumping oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to each and every tissue throughout the body. It's no wonder why diseases of the left ventricle are not only more common but often more debilitating than those of other heart chambers. Understanding how these diseases incrementally change the flow in the left ventricle can lead to better diagnostic metrics to detect these diseases at their onset and promote earlier disease management strategies.


2015 - 2019

Concordia University Montréal

Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering

  • Thesis Accepted Without Modification

  • Concordia Accelerator Award

  • Stand-Out Graduate Research Award

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Thesis: On the left ventricular fluid dynamics associated with progressive chronic aortic regurgitation

Cardiovascular Flows

With cardiovascular diseases being the leading cause of death in the world, killing 17.9 million people in 2016 (World Health Organization), there is an urgent need to find ways of detecting and treating these diseases early-on. The fluid dynamics in the heart and in our arteries and veins are highly sensitive to change and can therefore be leveraged to serve for early disease detection. Research in cardiovascular flows is of course not limited to cardiovascular diseases but has immense applications in the development, testing and optimization of implantable medical devices.

2014 - 2015

Concordia University Montréal

Master of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering

  • F. A. Gerard M.A.Sc. Dissertation Prize

  • Thesis Accepted Without Modification

Thesis: On the evolution of flows in straight circular pipes subject to a localized transverse impulsive body force

2010 - 2014

Concordia University Montréal

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

  • Graduation with Great Distinction

  • Silas Katz Memorial Scholarship

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